Hi, my name is Siddharth Menon and I am a Mobile Photographer, Audio Producer and Animator.

I have been into Mobile Photography as a hobbyist which then changed into a passion. I don't use any kind of Fancy gears and DSLRs currently to capture my snaps. Yes, they are important for certain purposes but i believe that to capture a story into a picture you just need the right time and any kind of camera at that moment should do your job. "Just capture it" is my motto.

Question to me, "Can you handle a DSLR ?"

Offcourse I can handle a DSLR. But today's technology have made our smartphones so strong and capable which have made us to think between a smartphone camera and a DSLR. I have made my choice.

Mobile Photography also benefits to newbies who wants to step into this passion or as a career. Its a kind of best practice to first enhance the skills of capturing and understanding the fundamental of Photography.

My purpose to create this website is to show my passion towards photography and motivate us all to create something beautiful using the best minimum resources in our hands.



All Photos are captured using Oneplus 6

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